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Be Well.

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If you have a desire to be healthy, feel great, have an abundance of energy and live your life to the absolute fullest then you are in the right place. Welcome!

I have a strong belief that everyone can overcome any health obstacle they are faced with. I am currently studying to obtain certification in health coaching and functional medicine. While I’m not practicing yet, I will be soon. In the meantime, I hope to bring you empowering knowledge that will help you to start making small changes that will lead to a big impact in your life.

Hey, I'm Amber

Nice to meet ya! My mission is helping others by sharing my love of natural and sustainable living, maintaining a healthy body and mindset and promoting self-love. 

It took time for me to get to this place. I was sick for 12 years with neurological issues, unexplained pain and, honestly, just really strange stuff. Then, I heard the nasty “C” word from my doc. That was the moment I started making changes and took charge of my life and my health. 

P.S. I love the Beastie Boys! 

Amber Dopita