My Story

I believe every person can have the health they desire. Whether you deal with stress and anxiety or a severe chronic condition, there is hope and you do not have to suffer in silence! It makes me so sad to see people stuggling and believing that their suffering is their “normal”. Believing that there is no way to be well or, at least, lessen the severity of their symptoms. That is just simply not true! How do I know this? Because, friend, I used to believe the same and I overcame it. I hope to help you understand that you can achieve the same for yourself.

Let me take you through my journey so you can understand why your health and success is such a passion of mine.


I was bullied from elementary school through high school. I was called horrible names, picked on for how I looked, had things thrown at me, was spit on…must I continue? School wasn’t a positive experience for me, as I’m sure you can imagine. All of this left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough and it had negative impacts on how I viewed myself and what I deserved. This carried through to my relationships leaving me to accept being treated poorly by boyfriends and letting people walk all over me. 

Having seen first-hand how being treated poorly affects all areas of life, it is important for me to always treat everyone with kindness and respect. I work on having a positive mindset each day and I teach my clients how to do the same.

My Health Declined

Let’s tie these two together really quick. Being bullied leads to feelings of unworthiness. Feeling unworthy leads to not taking care of myself and reckless behavior. Are you with me? Ok, good. After years of not taking care of my health, or paying attention to what I was eating or the products I was using, I got sick. I woke up one morning and I was slurring. I was running in to walls, I was dizzy and confused, my legs were heavy and my brain was tingling.  I realized, shortly after that morning, that I had lost my memory. Previously, I could remember anything and everything. I would forget simple words. I would stop mid-sentence because I couldn’t remember what I was talking about. I would forget my name, where I was going while driving and how to use things that I used a thousand times before. I lost my ability to write. Pencil to paper is very difficult. My fatigue was…gosh, I don’t even know how to describe it. I stopped seeing friends, stopped doing things I loved. When I tried to venture out and do something I would spend at least two days trying to recover. Doctors didn’t know what was going on with me. Scans and blood work didn’t reveal any leads. I spent over a decade dealing with these “episodes” as I called them. 

I didn’t know at the time that toxic chemicals, stress and the foods I chose to eat were at play in what I was going through. I love teaching others how to lessen their toxic burden and how eating the right foods leads to a healthier body. Hearing my client’s excitement when they tell me their symptoms are gone makes me smile so big that my cheeks hurt!

The "C" Word

In 2015 I started having this constant feeling that someone had their hands over my throat choking me. I saw my doctor and she referred me to a surgeon who specialized in thyroid disease after the results of an ultrasound came back. The scan revealed that I had a large nodule pressing into my esophagus and windpipe. The surgeon gave me the option of removing just the left lobe of my thyroid or leaving it alone until it got bigger. I opted for surgery because feeling like you’re being choked is no fun! As I’m sitting in the waiting room before surgery, my surgeon comes in to talk about the surgery and the results of some blood work she ordered. She told me that I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was in surgery soon after that. I woke up from surgery to find out that I have thyroid cancer. The surgeon removed my whole thyroid gland, one parathyroid and some lymph nodes. Fast forward to six months later, a checkup scan showed the cancer was in my lymph nodes. I reluctantly had the radioactive iodine treatment, or RAI, and I’m happy to say I’ve been clear ever since!

In this picture you can see the mass in my throat. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice it before it got to the point it did!

The Turning Point

Two years after being diagnosed with cancer I was told I was pre-diabetic. I had also gained 40 pounds! After everything I had been through already I finally had enough! I thought that there must be something I was doing to contribute to all of this illness. After all, I was only 37 when I was diagnosed with cancer and 39 when told I was on my way to being a diabetic. Far too young to be so sick! I started looking more closely at the food I was bringing into our home. I started getting wise to the chemicals in the products we were using. Note, most of those chemicals are hormone and endocrine disruptors. Made sense to me since the thyroid is a major gland of your endocrine system. I also started to find ways to reduce my stress. We began eating better and using cleaner products and, slowly but surely, all of the neurological symptoms I was having for so long just started to fade away. The random pains throughout my body lessened and my fatigue just fell away. And, amazingly,  free of the pre-diabetes diagnosis! I started losing the extra weight – though I’m still on that journey. I’m human, don’t judge! I do enjoy my food. Ha! Once I realized what I had for my own well-being, that’s when I decided to take my story and use it to help other’s to change their story!

Preventing and reversing disease and helping others to lose weight is something I’m very passionate about now. I truly believe my neurological symptoms, cancer, autoimmune disease and pre-diabetes could have been avoided had I known about the dangers of the chemicals used in everyday products and food and the importance of fueling the body with the nutrition it craves. It is my mission to help my clients to be proactive with their health so they can live the longest and healthiest life possible!