Keeping your sugar intake down is a key part of managing type 2 diabetes. Let's discuss some alternatives to refined sugar that will satisfy your sweet tooth but are safer and won't spike blood glucose.
Sip, sip, sippin' on some green tea. Do you know how rad green tea is? It has so many amazing benefits and you know I'm going to tell you a few of them! Woot! If you already drink it then you might know about all the goodness you're doing for your body. If you don't drink it then listen up because this post might just cause you to run out and buy some! Check this out:
Inflammation. Ugh. That tricky little bugger. Hiding and taking up shop in our body and causing a multitude of chronic symptoms. Maybe you've tried an anti-inflammatory diet just to fall off the wagon or maybe you are currently finding success with it.
The new year is here! Welcome 2020 and welcome to you giving yourself the attention you deserve! The beginning of the year is always the time people tend to make lifestyle changes. Whether you have big goals or small goals, I've got some tips to help you reach your nutrition goals in 2020