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The Easiest Way to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation. Ugh. That tricky little bugger. Hiding and taking up shop in our body and causing a multitude of chronic symptoms. Maybe you’ve tried an anti-inflammatory diet just to fall off the wagon or maybe you are currently finding success with it. Either way, I’m here to give you a little tip as to the easiest and fastest way to get a jump start on ridding your body of inflammation. Are you ready for it?

Drink More Water!

Yep, that’s right! Drink water, friend. Now, I’m not saying increasing your water intake is the only thing you need to do to reduce inflammation. There are several key ingredients that go into the mix. This is just one easy way to get the train rolling.

When the liver and kidneys don’t have enough water to flush out toxins from the body one of two things happen:

  • The toxins are directly reabsorbed back into your organs
  • Your body will create a storage space far away from organs in pockets of fat tissue

When there is an overload of toxins being reabsorbed, you will experience an increase of body fat as your body is literally creating more fat to store all those toxins in. Or, if your body decides to put those toxins directly back into your organs, you can become quite sick.

But…I Don’t Like Water

But, your body does! Do you love going to work? Doing dishes? Mopping the floor? Cleaning the litter box? Fill in the blank, mkay. There are many things we do each and every day that we are not thrilled about doing. We do them because we have to and they need to be done.

When you want to feel better and reduce the chronic symptoms you’re experiencing because of inflammation then you just put your big girl, or boy, undies on and you do it! Ok, my tough-love mom voice just came out there but it’s just because I care and I want you to live a happy and healthy life.

You might be thinking how much water you need to be drinking. Brace yourself. Aim for a gallon a day. “Whaaat? I can’t drink that much water a day!”. I can totally hear your cries of horror right now. But, I’m telling you, you can drink that much water each day. Hear me out.

There’s this cool little mechanism each of has that turns on or turns off our thirst. When we don’t provide our body with enough water at one time the mechanism stays off because it assumes there is no water available. So, to protect the body from feeling the agony of being thirsty for long periods of time that mechanism decreases our thirst. But, when we give our body lots of fresh water all at one time, that switch gets turned on. It tells the body that there is a bounty of fresh water available to drink. So, you see, if you give your body the water it needs it will naturally help you get it in. Pretty fancy our bodies are, huh?

The Trick to Kickstart Your Water Intake

Each morning you are going to want to start your day with a huge chug of water. Of course, get up out of bed and pee first! Before you do anything else though, try really hard to start each morning with 32oz. This turns on that handy mechanism we just talked about. If you find it difficult to start at day one with 32oz then just do your best to drink as much of that 32oz that you can. Don’t sip and put it down and come back to it.

The goal is to drink a large amount of water to turn on your thirst mechanism and get to some good ol’ toxin flushing going. As soon as you finish, refill your bottle. Finish that bottle by 12pm. Then, finish another by 3pm and finish the last one by 6pm. If you finish by 6 then you have time to pee before heading to bed which will allow you to sleep through the night without getting up to run to the bathroom.

Yep, You Will Need To Pee. A Lot

For the first week or two you will have to run to the bathroom a lot more than usual. This is because you are actually helping your body to get rid of the inflammation. When those toxins land in your bladder, your bladder sends an SOS that there are toxins in there and they need to evacuate ASAP. Because, ya know, the body doesn’t like having toxins just hanging around. After a week or two, you will have less and less toxins building up in your bladder and you will find you are making fewer visits to the bathroom.

So just know that, while it may be annoying and inconvenient to run to the bathroom so often, you are doing something really good for your body that will lead to you feeling so much better. Instead of feeling annoyed, try telling yourself that it is exciting because you know you’re getting rid of all the funk! Success!


I know most of you will enjoy this bonus that comes with all of this. Drum roll, please…you will likely lose a few pounds! This is because you are allowing your liver to process and flush out all the toxins and inflammation. Some other benefits you might notice is that your energy levels increase, your digestion improves, your joints move more freely, your skin clears up and glows and you sleep better. I mean, I think those extra little bonuses are well worth it!

Go Easy on Yourself

Starting something new isn’t easy. Making change and creating new habits is tricky. You might fall, you might forget, you might get frustrated and you will likely tell yourself some not so nice things. Please, please, please give yourself grace! We are human and we are not perfect. Everyone struggles. Not just you. Not just me. Everyone. What matters is how you handle the fall. If you get set back, just get back up and continue on. If you forget to drink one of your bottles of water, just start drinking it when you remember. But, do NOT give up! Your body will thank you with a big high five. YOU GOT THIS!

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