New Year 2020 Healthy

Tips for a Healthier 2020

Tips for a Healthy 2020

The new year is here! Welcome 2020 and welcome to you giving yourself the attention you deserve! The beginning of the year is always the time people tend to make lifestyle changes. Whether you have big goals or small goals, I’ve got some tips to help you reach your nutrition goals in 2020.

  1. Get rid of all the temptations lurking in your pantry and fridge.  Do a “kitchen reset” and ditch the junk food, processed items and sugary treats.  Replace them with healthier items like carrot sticks, fresh fruit, whole-wheat or gluten free crackers, nuts and hummus. These shifts will benefit your whole family!
  2. Plan ahead. Plan your meals for the week, so there’s no guessing or “in the moment” lapses because you don’t know what you to eat. This will make your trip to the grocery store easy and ensure you have what you need on hand for healthy meals throughout the week.
  3. Prep in advance. Prep everything over the weekend for ease of cooking in the evenings. For example, prep your smoothies by batching each mornings smoothie into a baggie and throwing them in the freezer. Then, in the morning, all that is required it adding your liquid to the blender and emptying the contents of your smoothie bag! Work outside the home? Make salads in a jar or a pot of soup. Planning and prepping ahead of time will save you time and help you stay on track.
  4. Use a refillable water bottle. Not only is this better for the environment, it will help you to track your hydration. Staying well hydrated is key for healthy cellular function AND is helps you to stay full.  A win-win! And if plain water is too bland, pop in a slice of lemon, lime or orange for added zing.
  5. Slow down. Your brain knows when you are full, because the stomach sends a signal to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is 12 minutes “behind” the stomach. There is literally a 12 minute delay between being full, and your body knowing you are full.  Be intentional and eat more slowly. You’ll find you feel full before your plate is clean and will eat less.

Start with baby steps.

Even if you only replace one soda a day with a glass of water, you are really improving your calorie and nutrient intake. If you eat fast food every day for lunch, try bringing your lunch half of the time with better quality foods you bring from home.

When you start by taking small steps you aren’t cutting out all of the foods you love all at once and you’ll be more likely to stick with your small changes.  And keep in mind, these changes will not only have a positive impact on your health, but also on the health of your entire family.

Creating new habits takes time, focus, consistency and preparation.  Be patient with yourself and don’t give up if you fall off the wagon. You can do this … I believe in you!

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